DAWAY LED Bike Spoke Light Waterproof A07 Bicycle Wheel Tire Light, 32 Different Patterns, Include Batteries, 1 Pack

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32 KINDS OF PATTERNS CHANGE DESIGN, SUPER COOL & BRIGHT, NIGHT RIDING MORE SECURE – DAWAY A07 bike wheel lights consist of 32 pieces colorful LEDs, 16 pieces LEDs in each side. 32 different patterns change every 4 seconds. Interesting pattern effect shown, when riding speed reaches 15mph, the patterns will become complete, perfect. If speed is below 15mph, the bike wheel light will show half or part of the pattern
UNIQUE MANUAL INDUCTIONS SWITCH, ENERGY SAVING – DAWAY A07 bike spoke light is different from other bike spoke lights. It can be controlled by light and motion sensor, also can be controlled by manual. Press “on/off” button for 2 seconds, enter induction mode, at this time, light glows when sense motion at night, turns off when no motion. Press switch again, enter manual mode, bike spoke light remains lit, until press switch again for 2 seconds, light will be off
WATERPROOF, 6 MONTH WARRANTY – The waterproof level of our led bike tire lights are IP55. Don’t worry about suddenly encountered heavy rain, bicycle tire lights will be damaged.
LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE, SAFE TO USE – DAWAY A07 waterproof bike wheel lights are very lightweight, does not affect the bike appearance. Don’t need any other tool, only need a few minutes, this bicycle wheel lights can be installed on spokes soon.
SUITABLE FOR MOST OF BIKES – DAWAY A07 waterproof bike spoke light can be installed on almost any bicycles which have standard round spokes and the wheel diameter is above 20 inches

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